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Comnet : ECONSOLE100


Centralized Management

Configure all ComNet Ethernet switches in the network at once in a few steps using powerful application wizards: IP Setting

Wizard, Firmware Upgrade Wizard, and Redundant Ring (C-Ring) Group Wizard. Compatible managed switches no longer

require individual configuration.

Visualized Management

ComNet’s Topology View (eVision) can display the complex topologies of ComNet’s Ethernet switches in the local network.

Different switches can be grouped by different IPs and in different topology windows. The health status of the connections

will be shown as different colors for quick visual reference. ComNet Topology View helps the administrators to do the

management visually, intuitively, and more efficiently.

Device Monitoring

eConsole has various mechanisms to monitor ComNet switches, including an event log, and SNMP traps. Administrators

will be informed of any abnormal events, and the event log can be exported as an Excel file. The configuration of ComNet

switches can be saved and the configurations of all switches in local network can be scanned regularly to detect any changes

to the configurations. Administrators can be made aware of any unexpected changes to the configurations of the switches.

ComNet Host Monitor (eMonitor) can automatically ping and check the health statuses of connections among all IP-based

devices in the local area network. Host Monitor also features IP categorized function, and all IP-based devices can be

monitored in groups of different IPs.


  • Using the various monitoring mechanisms, admins can be notified at a very early stage if any failure occurs in the network.
  • Device configuration scan
  • IP setting group wizard, firmware upgrade group wizard, and redundant ring (C-Ring) setting wizard
  • Status Monitoring and Alarm
  • Network analysis function
  • Devices can be grouped and managed by different IP ranges
  • ComNet Map technology can show network device locations using Google Map Data
  • The health status of connections are automatically checked
  • IP scan for detection of ComNet switches in the local network
  • Free version supports 50 switches or upgrade to a licensed version to support up to 500 switch statuses

Product Description

ComNet eConsole is a powerful Network Management Software suite including three powerful applications that can meet various demands for network monitoring and management in a wide range of industrial applications. Utilizing three key functions – Centralized Management, Visualized Management, and Device Monitoring – the eConsole suite provides advanced monitoring features and various warning systems, users can be informed of any accidental situations in the local network and recover the network immediately.

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