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CALL US NOW: +44 (0)2476 421111EMAIL US NOW:

CALL US NOW: +44 (0)2476 421111EMAIL US NOW:

Transend (UK) Ltd

One of the UK's Leading Fibre Optic Distributors

Transend (UK) Ltd specialise in distributing both active transmission equipment & passive fibre optic products for use in the CCTV, data communication and intelligent building market places.

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Why Choose Transend (UK) Ltd


Here at Transend UK we use only the very best and lastest technologically advanced products, supplied by the market leaders in Active Transmission Equipment & Passive Fibre Optic products.



We try to offer a full range of services for our customers including: • Technical Support where we can advise on a choice of products to suit application, give advice on installation and commissioning, offer fault finding advice for products and any other problems. • Procurement of project packages of equipment and materials for systems. • Pre building of camera and service location enclosures, loading of cardframes, pre building of cabinets and cubicles.


At Transend UK, prior to shipment all active products are fully tested for correct operation on the appropriate fibre. Following on from this test we serial number all our products to ensure the full traceability from manufacturer to end-use.

The Proof


ComNet has worked with Transend since 2009. Since then Transend has represented the ComNet brand fantastically and has proved itself to be a focused, professional distribution partner. The term “extra mile” is a cliché often bandied about liberally when describing the support provided by a business, but in the case of Transend, it is well-deserved. The team responds to enquiries from prospective customers quickly and retains their existing integration and installer partners through customer service which is nothing short of excellent.

ComNet constantly receives impressive feedback from both integrators/installers and end users about the level of flexibility Transend applies to ensuring that commitments are realized – when the guys promise to deliver, they don’t disappoint. Aside from their great support, the team also have a solid technical knowledge base which comes from a great pedigree in the transmission industry. ComNet is proud to be partnered with Transend and we look forward to continue to work together.



I would like to take this opportunity at the start of yet another new trading year to thank you, for your continued support with our Fibre requirements over the past 12 years, your continually upgraded product research and knowledge, has certainly helped us to provide our quality service with the new Comnet products. Your next day service and competitive pricing have never let us down. When we have had a failure ( so far old type GEC few and far between ), I should not tempt providence and say never a Comnet unit so far. But it is a fact.

You have always gone out of your way to rectify the failures or challenge of the day, helping to support us, even if it’s a Oh no I need one of these, by taking a unit from stock and even driving with it direct to site for us, ensuring continued cover for our clients security systems. We look forward to continuing our long standing relationship with Transend and both your, and our, continued growth during this period of austerity.


Transend UK
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