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Comnet : CNFE1CL1MC


  • Utilizes latest VDSL2 technology for fastest data rate transmission and greatest transmission distance
  • Supports transmission distances of up to 10,000 ft (3 km) over twisted copper, or up to 1500 ft (457 m) over coaxial cable
  • Symmetric line rates of over 91 Mbps
  • Automatically sets fastest possible data rate vs. cable quality and transmission distance
  • User-configurable master/remote, forward error correction, asymmetrical/symmetrical data, and long-reach/short-reach selection
  • IEEE 802.3 Compliant. 10/100 BASE-T/TX Ethernet port with automatic MDI/MDI-X crossover
  • Screw Terminals for twisted copper circuits, or BNC connector for coaxial cable
  • Fully compliant with the environmental requirements (ambient operating temperature, mechanical shock, vibration, humidity with condensation, high-line/low-line voltage conditions, and voltage transient protection) of NEMA TS-1/TS-2 for Traffic Signal Control Equipment
  • Voltage transient protection on all power and signal input/ output lines provides protection from power surges and other voltage transient events.
  • Model CNFE1CL1MC-M is a smaller-sized package for stand-alone mounting only, for use in those applications where space may be limited
  • Model CNFE1CL1MC may be utilized as a stand-alone package, or may be mounted within the ComNet C1 Card Cage, and is fully hot-swappable
  • Lifetime warranty

Product Description

The ComNet CNFE1CL1MC(-M) transmits Ethernet data over twisted pair copper or coaxial CCTV (75Ω) cable. The CNFE1CL1MC(-M) is designed to use existing CCTV cabling as effective Ethernet transmission media. The CNFE1CL1MC(-M) uses a standard RJ45 port for Ethernet data and gives the user a choice of a terminal block port for twisted pair or BNC for coaxial cable use. The CNFE1CL1MC(-M) is environmentally hardened to operate in extreme temperatures. LED indicators are provided for confirming operating status. The normal size units are interchangeable between stand-alone or card mount configurations.

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