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  • Simultaneous transmission of IP video, and composite analog video up to 500m over RG59 coaxial cable
  • Proprietary adaptive analog equalizer for extending the reach of composite analog video
  • Full-duplex digital communications
  • Continuous Transmitter to Receiver Ethernet throughput up to 36Mbps
  • Continuous Receiver to Transmitter Ethernet throughput up to 4Mbps
  • Single-Channel Transmitter with optional IEEE 802.3at PoE power capability from 24VAC
  • Single or Dual Channel Receiver

Product Description

The ComNet CL(T,R)VE1COAX[POE][/M] is a communications link that combines composite analog baseband video and 10/100T(X) Ethernet on a single RG59 coaxial cable and transmits it up to 500 meters. The device is particularly suited to applications where the addition of IP Video to an existing analog video system is required. The CLTVE1COAXPOE[/M] models can provide power to the camera via PoE.

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CALL US NOW :+44 (0)2476 421111