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KBC WES3 – 99Mbps


  • Configurable for client / singlpoint host / multipoint host
  • IEEE802.11a/n compliant
  • Transmission power control
  • Up to 23dBm output power
  • secure transmission: WPA2 – AES or TKIP encryption
  • Antenna alignment & site signal survey tools
  • Distance adjustment for long range transmission
  • Range of antenna options
  • Passive midspan compliant PoE support
  • IP66 protection Class

Product Description

The WES3 Wireless Ethernet System is a wireless transmission system that operates in the license-free, 5GHz band, providing a cableless transmission path for an Ethernet channel.

The WES3 firmware is configurable for product type, enabling one common unit to be configured as a client, a single-point host or a multipoint host.
The system is IEEE802.11a/n compliant and will support up to 99Mbps throughput due to MIMO technology (Multiple In Multiple Out). WES3 provides connectivity for a wide range of Ethernet devices such as megapixel/HD cameras, DVRs, encoders/decoders and web servers and uses a secure encryption method to prevent unauthorized access to the system. WES3 is available as a IEEE802.3af compliant unit or non-PoE version with a power injection module for applications where PoE is not available. All WES3 units ship with a universal wall/pole mount.

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