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KBC WES3-HTG – 650Mbps


  • Configurable for client / singlepoint host / multipoint host
  • IEEE802.11ac compliant
  • Transmission Power Control
  • Up to 30dBm output power
  • Secure transmission: WPA2 – AES or TKIP encryption
  • Antenna alignment & site signal survey tools
  • Distance adjustment for long range transmission
  • Range of antenna options
  • Passive midspan compliant PoE support
  • IP66 protection class
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Product Description

The WES3HTG Wireless Ethernet System is a high throughput gigabit wireless transmission system that operates in the license-free, 5GHz band providing an Ethernet channel of up to 1.3Gbps aggregate.

The WES3HTG firmware is configurable for product type, enabling one common unit to be configured as a client, single-point host or multipoint host.   The system is IEEE802.11ac compliant and will support up to 1.3 Gbps throughput due to MIMO technology (Multiple In Multiple Out). WES3HTG provides high throughput connectivity for backhaul applications as well as a wide range of Ethernet devices such as megapixel/HD IP cameras, DVRs and web servers. It uses secure encryption to prevent unauthorized access to the system. WES3HTG is IEEE802.3af compliant and can also be used with a power injection module for applications where PoE is not available. The WES3HTG units are wall or pole-mountable with the included hardware

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