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Comnet : DINBKT4


  • Allows any standard ComNet product to be adapted to DIN-Rail installation.
  • Discreet installation provides smallest DIN Rail form factor.
  • Fully compatible with ComNet DINBKT3 which allows DIN-Rail mount products to be mounted within any standard 19-inch rack.
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Product Description

The ComNet DINBKT4 is a universal DIN-Rail mount adapter kit, ideal for mounting a wide range of ComNet modules to a standard 35mm DIN-Rail mounting channel. DIN-Rail mounting is widely used within the industrial control and ITS markets for mounting electronic and electrical hardware within an equipment cabinet, and it affords significant ease of installation, greater mounting density, and neatness/good housekeeping within spaces having limited area. To mount ComNet shelf-mount products on an existing DIN-Rail the DINBKT4 provides a universal solution for ComNet products and requires minimal additional space using its unique mounting system. The ComNet module affixes onto the DINBKT4 adaptor with the mounting hardware provided. The aluminum block is fabricated with several sets of no. 6-32 drilled and tapped fixing holes that allow the module to be mounted on the adaptor in a vertical axis configuration, providing considerable flexibility in module mounting and installation. The complete assembly is then clipped directly onto a standard 35mm DIN-Rail. The DINBKT4 is fully compatible with the DINBKT3 adaptor plate assembly.

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